How To Fix High Quality Textures Modification in GTA San Andreas

Gta San Andreas (GTA SA) is an awesome action driving game. Are you play this game? If not try it guys! You’ll have a lot of fun. GTA SA is not just driving games, it’s more complicated than you think. The problems comes when you modify this game especially when replace texture with high quality from the modders.

Yeah that’s right GTA SA is not supported by high resolution texture, original GTA SA just low poly textures games, evenradeon 9200 can handle it very good. When I modified GTA SA with a dozen high resolution textures for vehicles…boom! The environment textures is missing. Ok here’s the screenshot:

It seems GTA SA can’t handle a high resolution textures. To solve this problem just download stream memory fix from

Here’s the direct link


if  direct linking is not allowed, try this link :


update February 8th 2013!

I think the owner change the location of the file, try this location/submenu of

gta san andreas/SA Program/San Andreas Texture Draw Fix / Stream Memory Fix SA Programs


First, extract and copy ” Streammemfix.asi “ from SAStreamMemFix.rar to the root directory of GTA SA. The next step extract and copy “VorbisFile.dll” and “VorbisHook.dll” from AsiLoader.rar to the root directory of GTA SA. Overwrite the files you replaced. Remember please make backup files before you overwrite those files.

Congratulation! Now you can modding and modifying all the vehicles and environment with high quality textures without having problems. If you wanna ask something just leave your comment here.Sorry for my English. Thanks very much to Alexander @ Sannybuilder for this wonderful SAStreamMemFixJ

441 Responses to “How To Fix High Quality Textures Modification in GTA San Andreas”

  1. Hy! I have modded almost every vehicle in gta san andreas, and i have the exact same problem with the missing textures, but after downloading this fix and replacing the files the game doesn’t start anymore. I double click on the gta_sa.exe and nothing happens, i see the gta_sa.exe present in windows task manager (under the processes tab) but after a few seconds it disappears. Using the backups i made of the original files i found that the file that is causing the problem is the vorbisFile.dll, because i have tryed to replace the files from the ASILoader one by one, and the file that causes the game not to start is the vorbisFile.dll. I think i have the U.S. version of san andreas, because it has 2 langueges in the menu(english and spanish), otherwise i can’t really tell because there is nothing written in the main menu like V.1.0 or V.2.0 or somethin like that. I have also tryed downloading other gta_sa.exe’s and tryed to start the game but it didn’t work. I really want to make this fix work, because i can’t really play with all the missing textures, so if you can help with this i would really apreciate it. Thanks!

    • chevs10zach Says:

      i have that same problem…..

      • You need to change the name of the asi file to StreamMemFix.asi in the 2.0 version. After you do that it should let you play again. I just had the same issue until I did that.

      • nice thanks for the information 🙂

      • i have a lot of problem in stream.. i downloaded streamemfix. but it doesnt really work on my game.. can anyone please help me for that

      • please make sure you’re use 1.0 us version gta_sa.exe bro and cleo3 / cleo 4 🙂

      • Can someone Help me.. I download this file and put it intro my game.. but nothing changes.. I have some mods.. Help me plz i wont to enjoy my game..

      • install it with cleo 3 / cleo 4 bro 🙂

    • ngaliwet Says:

      my bad i dont know how to fix your textures problem bro if after you use this streammemory fix the problems still occurs. try to play gta_sa in default (no Mod) is there still problem if you load with modified vorbis file and streammemory fix?

    • It worked before but now it doesn’t

    • AWESOME! i had this problem so badly! i went in grove st, kept flickering and the environment wasn’t loading, same for the burger shot near the trans fender,and the san fierro garage. this is honestly a very needed mod. & good job for finding this

  2. Thanx man working extremly great you have solved my problem

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you;re welcome bro, please say thanks again to alexander @sannybuilder because he/ she made this useful streammemory fix 🙂

  3. @Ahmed
    you’re welcome bro:) please say thanks to Alexander@Sannybuilder too, he/she the maker of asi loader and stream memory fix for gta_sa:)

    this time i dont have any solution for your trouble in gta_sa bro, forgive me. i still search the solutuion, i’ll post it here soon, ok:)

  4. dmg_dork Says:

    thx a lot dude , that solves my problems 2 !!!!!!!
    i can finally play the game and i see everything !!! thx

  5. cheers mate works great.

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re welcome 🙂 just dont patch with 1.01 of gta_sa ok. i think it isn’t compatible with the 1.01 patch. you can find a lot of fun cleo mod here 🙂
      happy gta gaming, bro 🙂

      • bro, cara ngecek versi gta gw gmna caranya

      • ngaliwet Says:

        instalasi gta_sa yang standar (bukan repack/ ripping) bisa make exe baik us maupun euro version. secara kasat mata di file version detailnya ga ada perbedaan. hanya untuk us version 1.0 biasanya ukuran file 4 383 616 bytes. nah streammemoryfix yang saya sarankan hanya untuk us version. untuk euro version juga ada, coba cek di gtagaming bro 😀

  6. Tribhuvan Suthar Says:

    i like san andreas game

    • ngaliwet Says:

      yeah gta_sa was a greats game. i love this game too because there’s a lot mod support and a bunch of fan site of gta_sa 🙂

  7. skryty Says:

    not supported i downgrade it the game from v2.0 to 1.0 and its the same can you help me

    • ngaliwet Says:

      how do you downgrade gta_sa ? i think the best solution for downgrade is reinstall your gta_sa because there’s file modified by patch 🙂

  8. Yeah, I’ve got the same problem as zenith. I don’t know what version I have and this fix doesn’t work with my GTA. Please help

  9. mcdonaldoo Says:

    Its working, but after the game crash after 10 minute. Can you solve this problem? Thank you.

    • ngaliwet Says:

      i think i dont know the real cause of your crash, but try play gta_sa and look carefully when the crash is happening? what car dou you use and what npc do you met in the game? if use a lot of mods, make sure you instal it one by one 🙂

      • thanx for the streamfix but now i have another problem
        the game crashes every 10 minutes,
        when i put the original vorbisfile it doesnt crash
        do you know the cause of this problem?

      • ngaliwet Says:

        i dont know exactly exactly the cause is, are you use two or mod with the same features? if not maybe :
        1. maybe with asi loader your pc doesnt have much ram that required. my gta_sa with mods (hq environment & vehicles) now use 1,2 Gb ram.
        2. streamemoryfix doesnt compatible with gta_sa exe. please use us version 1.0
        3. try to use vorbis file from cleo3 package

  10. Spymasta Says:

    Awesome Just What I Was Looking For!

  11. Thank you so much , its work extremly great, you have solved mt problem too, now i can mod my gta with HQ texture and every cars witout bugs !!!

  12. Element Says:

    Man, I searched so long to solve this problem ! I really enjoy now, playing my GTA:SA with mods! Thanks, it really helped. 🙂
    And,yeah, thanks to Alexander for this fix :p

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re welcome bro 🙂 i dont make it, i just share the link. all credit for alexander @sannybuilder 🙂

  13. ck_shutdown_213 Says:

    why it is log…

  14. ck_shutdown_213 Says:

    i use steamemfix.isi..
    after that its log.
    2 to 3 sec.
    what is it??

    pm. sory for my bad eng.

  15. hey dude i have same problem like zenith :S when i click to gta_sa.exe to start the game not starts the game :S PLS Any HELP PLS 🙂

    • ngaliwet Says:

      make sure you dont apply 1.01 patch of gta_sa, bro 🙂 if you patched it, please reinstall your gta_sa ok 🙂

  16. Will this work too with cleo 3 mods???
    Bcuz i have alot of cleo 3 mods 😉

  17. Thankzzz..Its work 4 me!! nice bro.!!

  18. Thank you so much!

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you are welcome, bro. please say thanks too for alexander @sannybuilder. i just share the link 🙂

  19. i have a problem when i try to enter this page it tells its unavaible iam using internet explorer and i want to install the mazeda rx7 but i cant because i cant open any page that is in the sanny builder site ive installled cleo 3 but after that i cant open the sanny builder site please help me

  20. ive got a problem when i try to enter any part of the sanny builder site it tells me the page is unavailble iam using internet explorer

  21. Dannepihls Says:

    This streamfix seems to only work with US versions of the game which is extremely sad 😦
    my message:
    [SA] Stream Memory Fix. ERROR !
    Sorry, but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported .
    Supported versions :
    -1.0us (14383616 bytes)
    -1.0 compact (5189632 bytes)

    I downgraded my version 2.0 version of san andreas to version 1.0, Suppose I have european version since this one doesn’t work 😦

    • i’m very sorry too bro 😦 i hope someday other version can use this wonderful streammemory fix too.

    • had the same problem and the solution is easy as hell, take the file streammemoryfix1.0.asi out of your san andreas folder, and its solved

      • Hello Jose, I used your solution, and it worked for tha starting of the game! But i’m not sure it fixes the graphic bug! Using this way the streammemoryfix.asi solves your bug grapgic pb? thanks answer me

      • try it first bro 🙂

  22. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicee =]

  23. Hi everyboy
    I have the SA V1.0 us version
    I’ve raplaced all car in SA
    And now I finish my work,but sometime game crash after start game 10=>15 minutes
    I’ve found something about my “Crash Game”,it cause the CLEO3 library and StremeMemoryfix, they use the new VorbisFile
    Use one of them the game will crash, if I replace the original VorbisFile the game work normally
    But modding a lot of vehicles => the texture in game will lost so I have to use the StremeMemoryFix
    And the CLEO3 is very useful,I want to use the CLEO3 library and the StremeMemoryFix in my SA
    I use the EnbSeries too
    Who can give me a solution
    Please !

    • i have replace all the vehicle and use enbseries mod but so far so good, bro. maybe it seem the problem in your vehicle mod, are you replace them all in one time? its strongly recommended apply vehicle mod one by one, dont aplly two door vehicle mod on four door vehicle mod, check stability (30 minutes) after applying mod, etc.
      the mods i have apply are : all vehicle (ground, sea, air) asi cleo, streammemoryfix, enbseries, srt retexture, a ton of cleo script from gtafoorum, gta_sa acid from zaz, etc. i apply mod one by one 🙂

    • use vorbisfile and vorbis hook from new version cleo library. use streammemory fix version 1.0 🙂

      and one more thing, do not apply a two or more mod at one time. please install one by one ok 🙂

    • hey could you please send me ur .exe file to please, that would be really appreciated, thanks

  24. gtamodderguy Says:

    umm i have the police light mod thing, and i had to put in a different vorbisfile…. so will this efeect that

  25. gtamodderguy Says:

    umm ok bigger problem i did all u said but when i try to start it says
    srry this version is not supported, i have v1.01, and i donwgraded to that, how can i doowngrade more?

    • i’m sorry bro. i dont know how to downgrade gta_sa version. the simple way is reinstall your gta_sa and dont patch if you wanna use streammemory fix 🙂

      • gtamodderguy Says:

        but i thought u cant mod

      • @gtamodderguy
        yes i cant make a mod bro 🙂
        are you had a modded gta_sa? before you reinstall gta_sa, please backup gta3.img. carcols.dat, carmods.dat, handling.cfg,vehicle.dat, and veh_mods. these files are contains your gta_sa with vehicle mods 🙂
        after reinstall, simply copy/ restore again these backup files 🙂

      • shutdown213 Says:

        craet now plz?

  26. i installed it and it dont work, i have pirate version of gta…its old 1.0 so it should work…but it says version not supported….o well…modded game faked up..faked it up more.

  27. hey guys the streammemory fix works very good on my gta san andreas
    but i have a problem after starting the game ,,it crash after 15 minutes

    anyone knows how to fix this problem please ?


    • streammemory fix will not work if:
      1. use gta 1.01 or newer
      2. use with sa limit adjuster
      3. ram under 512 mb, more vehicle/ enviroment texture mod will requires more ram 🙂
      4. use mod that modified accessing more ram, more spawn vehicle, and more resources.

      the game crash after a while :
      1. make sure check vehicle seting in data folder (carcols, carmods, handling and vehicle.ide, especially vejicle .ide and handling.cfg)
      2. dont replace a four door vehicle with two door vehicle
      3. do not load 4 or more *.img file on gta.dat seting
      4. thousand mod will not work properly on gta_sa 1.01 or newer version. so just dont patch it ok 🙂

  28. Cool!! This mod save my GTA Life! Thank you Ngaliwet!!

    • you are welcome bro xx3 🙂

      • Got a problem, but found a solution.

        I first used the SAS Stream Fix 2.2 Test 1 & 2, but crashed after some minutes of play.

        Since I open up SAS Stream Fix 1.0, It worked!

      • yeah version 2.0 of streammemory fix is not stable,
        now i use ver 1.0 and can load & see everything in modded version of my lovely gta_sa 😀 no matter a bunch HQ textures spawning, i still can see everything without problem. now gta_sa *(with all HQ mod) can access more than 2Gb+ ram 😀

  29. please can anyone tell me how to solve this problem ??

    • i had reply your question bro, if there are another question please post again ok 🙂

      • thanx 4 telling me bro but i have installed gta san andreas again and now its new without any mods or cars and i installed streammemory fix on it and i still have the same problem

        so what should i do now?

        do you know where can i download gta san andreas 1.01 or newer one ?

        thnx man

      • you are welcome 😀
        first delete gtaset file in save game directory (make backup) its contain default config of gta_sa. make sure cleo3 pack is intalled to a main directory of gta_sa. and one more thing : do not patch your gta_sa to any version if you’re use cleo/ vorbishook/ streammemory fix.

        you can find patch 1.01 for gta_sa here

    • Wait A sec… Are you indonesian?? If yes, I`m also indonesian! ^_^

      Tunggu sebentar… Apa kamu orang Indo? Jika iya, aku juga orang Indo! ^_^

      • yes i’m indonesian bro 🙂 sekalian lg belajar bahasa inggris nih, maap kl kacau kata2nya hehe 😀

  30. shutdown213 Says:

    hey ngaliwet..
    can u creat this :
    into a cleo mod..
    in gta san andreas
    health & name like this : bymdrug

  31. thank you Alexander for making and ngaliwer for sharing

  32. i replaced the files and every thing but the graphics are still not showing up

    • streammemory fix 1.0 from sanny builder is only for gta_sa version 1.0 please do not update/ patch your gta_sa 🙂

  33. i have a problem too, i installed many mods, inclusive cleo and enb series, i put that streammemory fix in gta folder, its looks great, but aftet 10-20 min of playing its crashes, pls help me, and sorry for my bad english

    • which version enbseries you have used bro?
      now i use ver 0.075 with streammemory fix 1.0 are smooths and stables. just delete gtaset file (make backup) in savegame directory before load enb series for the first time 🙂

  34. Nice post, keep up the good work!

  35. i have gta sa and the same thing happens to me i downloaded the sannybuilder and cleo libary but when i start up gta it crash with an error message. could some one help me plz

    • make sure your gta_sa version is 1.0
      streammemoryfix from sannybuilder only support first version of gta_sa
      one more thing, do not use streammemory fix with sa_limit adjuster 🙂 choose only one

  36. hey, first thx for your fix, but why the hell only “us.exe” are supported?!

    lot of european players cant use your fix, is this your goal?

    the only us 1.0 exe can found worldwide is the cracked from hoodlum and this one is not usable cause game crash every few minutes cause the crack is bad, hoodlum release a “crach-fix” for there crack and after that it is stable but your memoryfix dont support the fixed exe cause its patched, so it is also NOT possible to found the “original” us exe annyway on the complete www, i have a original eu gameversion and i not found a san andreas exe,..

    gta 4 is terrible , no options for players no fun, only a dumb city and story, not more, i will play san andreas with cars and mods and casino and tuning and lots of options but i cant,

    please help ,.. i realy love the memfix, but “we” (eu players” have no chance!!


    • i am very sorry for your trouble bro. i don’t made this wonderful streammemory fix, alexander @sannybuilder did it. so i don’t know to solve your problem. i’ll update my post as soon as possible if i find something new for europe version ok.
      i dont want to recommend you to use pirated edition too bro.

      you’re right, by now gta IV is terrible because only few mod supported. sadly minimum system requirment is too high for common pc gamers. i hope in the next 1-2 years GTA IV will has a bunch very awesome mods 🙂

  37. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!!! my problem solved

  38. It worked! Thanks!

  39. i just installed streammemory fix v2 and the game crashes every two minutes what can i do to fix it

  40. Everybody who have a problem with stream memory fix 1.0. This is link to gta sa exe file (US version). Repalce your gtasa.exe file and streammemfix1.0.asi will be work (sory for my english). Link:

  41. I use StreamMemFix 1.0, ENB 0.75 and Cleo 3 and it works fine
    with Hoodlum no cd patch.

    But I had real troubles crashing until I turned OFF mipmapping in the
    advanced video options. Still crashes some but not near as bad.

    Also I find re-saving as soon as you start seems to help a lot too.

  42. Black_Agent 359 Says:

    good thing it work for me, thank!!! keep up the good work

    • you’re welcome bro, please say thanks again to alexander @sannybuilder. streammemoryfix is his/ her creation 🙂

  43. what is root directory of GTA SA.

  44. alif rahmadian Says:

    All cars are changed all real?

  45. Thank you!
    It works great… you saved me 😀

  46. Does it work with player model textures?

    every time i try to replace player.img txd`s

    the game crashes

    i tried installing the fix and it didnt work

    do you know how to fix that?

  47. realy realy thx bro it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i can play gta sa without any problems man i dont know what to say to thank you!!!

  48. SOrrY NIGGA I’VE GOT A PROBLEM,i have the gta sa 3.0 because this have anticrash and i can play without problems,but to use the stream fix i need a v1.0 right? does exist a version 3.0 of streamfix for gta sa? if u can help me please contact me to and i don’t fiind the correct version to use with streamfix because evry version cause i have after 4-5 minutes of play he crash,please if u can help me contact me! tanks.

  49. […] High res skins Memory fix…a-san-andreas/ Weapons there are a lot of different packs so you can mix and match GTA IV weapons […]

  50. lolopoar1 Says:

    no problem All Find

  51. A_Dead_Soldier Says:

    Hello thanks for hosting this ngaliwet, it fixed my problems. And thanks to alexander for making it.

    However when I look down in game, straight down pretty much, everything goes grey: except cars and peds. This happens on foot, in planes, cars, jetpack etc..

    Does anyone else have this happen? I’m wondering if this normal from this fix, or if it’s something else with my mods?.. Yet the game didn’t do that before this fix.. Please help.

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re welcome bro a_dead_soldier 😀
      can you show us some gray visual? technically i dont for sure how the problem happen, but i thinks its bug from streamemoryfix or others mods which edit graphic of gta_sa.
      now i only use one graphic mod for gta_sa, that’s ensb series 😀

  52. I downloaded the Stream Memory Fix and put it in the correct place but when I try to start up gta_sa it says “gta_sa has encountered a problem and needs to close”

  53. chevs10zach Says:

    is it possible for you to make this for gta sa second edition (v2)?

    • ngaliwet Says:

      i dont know bro, i am not the maker of this beautiful tool 🙂 i just informed it for users who have trouble with missing textures 🙂
      gta_sa version 2.0 is not support mods 😀

  54. thnx dude but if i in the game the game crash after a few minutes
    help plz

    • One thing, when you replace a 2 door vehicle to 4 door vehicle or vice versa, it will crash the game after a few minutes. Please be careful when replacing next time.

      • ngaliwet Says:

        yeah that’s right bro 😀
        i thought so many crash with this doors problem hehe

    • ngaliwet Says:

      try to delete gtasa.set file in savegame, my doc\gta san andreas to reset to default config to make this tool work best 🙂

  55. master2 Says:

    Reallyyy goood man,tnxxx veryy muchh..thiss solved my big problem ;))

  56. Hey. this is great, could’nt see a thing until i put this in. One problem i found with the V2 one is that sometimes the color of cars would be like a dark matte colour, this would also happen with the parts when tuning a car. Any suggestions, Thanks again.

    • ngaliwet Says:

      i dont know exactly, but i think dark matte colors problem is in vehicles in in carcols.dat this file handle the vehicles colors.
      are you use version 2.0 streammemoryfix? if yes, i think that the problem. so many users are have trouble with it. please try version 1.0 of streammemoryfix 🙂

  57. Black_Agent Says:

    i don’t know but it crashed my game easily

    • ngaliwet Says:

      just make sure 🙂
      1. gta_sa us version 1.0
      2. no two or more mod with the same features
      3. no modification with different doors
      4. more hq vehicles with asi loader is more ram used

  58. workerbee Says:


  59. Phantom 14 Says:

    your fix memory stream can run in my gta_sa it receive an error (sorry that gta_sa.exe is not supported but i can’t replace the other gta_sa Patch because of my Project Oblivion patch can somebody Help ME HERE!!!

    • ngaliwet Says:

      i use project oblivion too, there’s some bug in the san fiero area. but overall its the one of the best environment mod 🙂

  60. Phantom 14 Says:

    no thanks i solve the problem that your tool’s not work because of the Virus thanks!

  61. Daniel S -.Groove.- Says:

    Thank u veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much i have now 50 fps now without frame limit and with mods=D And the textures are Back !!!^^

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re welcome bro, i’m happy too. now i play gta_sa with a bunch of mods really fun 🙂
      gta_sa city of heroes

  62. oi bang, ternyata orang indo juga ya 😀
    ada penjelasanya ga bang? aq masih ga ngerti

    • ngaliwet Says:

      iya bro, ya sedikit2 sambil belajar masang2 mod. caranya simple koq cuman pastikan gta_sa nya versi 1.0 lalu copy kan asi loadernya. manfaat asi loader yakni streammemoryfix ini agar gta_sa bisa menggunakan ram lebih banyak untuk meload tekstur2 modifikasi misal kendaraan, objek, lingkungan. seperti diketahui gta_sa defaultnya menggunakan low res tekstur 😀

      • bang, mau nanya nih. ane dah download. didalam’a ada 3 file yg sama, StreamMemFix1.0.asi, StreamMemFix1.2.2_test1.asi, StreamMemFix2.2_test2.asi. itu di copy semua ato gak bang?

  63. necesito el exe
    – 1.0us (14383616 bytes)

  64. GooDOrEvil Says:

    I have same “Crash Problem”

    I haven’t installed a lot of mods. Maybe about 30 cars.
    I have Palit 9600 GT Video Card
    AMD Athlon 64×2 6000+ CPU
    ASUS M4A Type Motherboard
    Corsair 2x2GB DDR2 800 MHz Ram

    My Game is Crashing about 10 minutes.

    My Cleo Library is the latest version
    I have Sannybuilder
    I put True files to true positions…

    But I have a Crash problem…

    Can anybody help me?

    • ngaliwet Says:

      1. make sure you use us version 1.0 of gta_sa bro, then
      2. please use asi loader from cleo 3.0.
      now cleo 4.0 has been release but i haven’t try.

      3. try to delete gtasa.set in savegame folder to reset configuration.

      4. streammemoryfix is not compatible with other version of gta sa such 1.01 and 2.0

  65. Martiny Says:

    Thanks alot, it helped 🙂

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re welcome bro martiny, please say thanks again to alexander @sannybuilders because she/ he makes this awesome streammemoryfix 🙂

  66. officer241 Says:

    hey i need more detailed info on how to install this.i dont know how

  67. officer241 Says:

    hey i need more detailed info on how to install this idont know how to install this

    • Easy, just extract the rar, and drag vorbisHooked.dll, vorbisFile.dll, and the three .asi files into the root directory of your San Andreas installation. If it asks to overwrite anything, click yes.

    • install it to your main directory of gta_sa bro 😀

  68. Thanks a lot! This works great with Snow Andreas. For some reason, Snow Andreas would result in a lot of missing textures if you tried to use SA-MP with it, but with the loaders, it works just fine (except for the vehicle mods that SAMP doesn’t like, but that’s another issue)

  69. bedhelzz Says:

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!! U R A SUPERHERO FOR ME……………!!!!

    • you’re welcome bro bedhelzz 😀
      the real superhero is alexander @sannybuilder who makes streammemoryfix.asi thanks very much to alexander 🙂

  70. HEy guys i love gta san andreas much as you guys but i have a probleem i want olso to dowload mods on my gta san but i dunno i tryed it once and it dident worked fore my i m not sure if i did it right and yea i olso heard somting about that there are different version so it give my trouble becouse i love it can some one help my i promise him i will belon him ore here 😛 i will be waiting fore some help

  71. and here please i olso give my e-mail i beg of some of you please help my i belon you please i beg of somone

  72. After I did everything I clicked on the icon and it said, “Sorry, but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported. I have version 1.0

    • i think your gta_sa.exe is not us version bro. this streammemoryfix.asi only support us version of gta_sa.exe 🙂

  73. How can I fix this? Can I just download a US version of gta_sa.exe?

  74. HI !

    I have a crashing problem with my GTA sa

    I used SRT3 (gta sa re-texured mod__that has changed all textures)

    I dont know why , it’s independ of TIME

    when I go outside of my home I move just a little forward and . . . bang !

    game crashed !

    what could I do ?

    now my game cant be uninstalled ?

    THX alot

    • srt3 make awesome high quality textures for gta_sa but the side effect is you can’t rebuild your gta3.img if larger than 2Gb size. beside that just make sure you are not use another mods that change environment. the best for installing srt3 is when you use only default versionof gta_sa for prevent random crash problems 🙂
      you cant uninstall srt3 because there are a lots lots file replaced by srt to gta3.img. if you dont have a backup, the best solution is reinstall your gta_sa with default setup again bro 😀

  75. I have the U.S. Version. My starter says “Sorry, but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported. Only V1.0us is supported now.” I downgraded it to V1.0US, and I still can’t get it to work.

    • my bad i dont know how to fix it bro. how do you downgrade your gta_sa version?
      try to reinstall again from the start with us version 🙂

      • For those of us who have v2.0 on the disc, reinstalling won’t do any good, but there is a downgrader that works for most mods. Just google “san andreas downgrader” and it should come up. This makes it v1.0 Euro though. I’m not aware of a downgrader to v1.0 USA. So streammemfix won’t start, but I found a workaround: Just download the no-cd fixed exe for v1.0 USA (try gamecopyworld)

  76. Thanks!!!

  77. Ah, thanks alot bro. It worked successfully and it decreased my game lag also, now my game does not lag at all and its working very smoothly. Thanks alot man, thanks for fixing my problem! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks (again >_>)

  78. thank you for the first time
    now I can see everything but when I open the game, an error “streammemfix.asi at 00007f49.range” appears
    I then click on OK and start the game
    but after a while the game crashes again
    can someone please help further
    thanks in advance


  80. Poutseble Says:

    I know that the 15 – 20 minutes crash which some of us suffer from, is caused by somekind of limit. I tried all versions of streamfix and i find out that the game crashes after loading about 40 – 45 different car models. Nothing happens without streamfix (except from the f@%*ed up textures ).
    If someone can fix that, a lot of people would be grateful.

  81. Can somebody help me?,my game stops in middle of gameplay(after 15-20 min),version 1.01,i use 1 mod at a time,help!!! 😦

  82. i have a problem wheni install this tool.i start the game then it said my gta sa not suported i must use 1.0us where i can get the patch?

  83. Hey i have a question, will this work on samp with out crashing? And if read preivous post on about how you install mods one by one, what tool do you use because im thinking your useing SAMI and that would take an alwful lost of time. On more thing, could we have used a total converison mod? would that work on samo to?

  84. Bos cara tau gta punya gua versi brp gmn yah?? and itu link yg musti d download yg mana?? thanks

  85. bos gua uda coba neh, berfungsi seh tp kok crashny jd cepet bos biasa crash stlh maen 1 jaman, skrg kok jd 20menitan bos(versi 1)… yg versi 2 malah 15 menitan.. zzzzz

    tlong help!!

    • jangan pake versi 2 bro, karena itu membuat gta_sa tidak bisa di mods. ada fitur2 dukungan mod yg dihilangkan.
      hehe maaf sy ga bisa kasih link exe us version, coba cari aja di penyedia “jamu” langganan bro 😀
      rata2 gta_sa yg dijual di indonesia us version bro exenya 😀

  86. jefferson Says:

    Thanks a lot!!

  87. Pra quem tem problema em abrir o jogo mais ele nunca abre o problema e na pasta do save existe um arquivo .set <<< save corrompido por cheat ou outros motivos so deletar ele e continuar com mesmo gta sem nenhum problema
    mesmo desistalando o gta ele continuara la entao e melhor apagar esse arquivo .

  88. Please i need help
    I have windows xp and 1GB VGA
    but when i execute gta_sa.exe popup my message:
    [SA] Stream Memory Fix. ERROR !
    Sorry, but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported .
    Supported versions :
    -1.0us (14383616 bytes)
    -1.0 compact (5189632 bytes)
    plz help

    • thanks for your question bro. you must replace your current gta.exe to us version. streammemoryfix only support us version 🙂
      1gb vga ram is strong enough to run gta_sa default or before modded 😀

  89. The SA Memory Fix is down btw

  90. I can’t seem to find a gta.exe that works with this streamfix, please post one here!

  91. I can’t thank you enough this is most anoying problem in SA ever i thought it is couse bad graphic card so I updated it but it was still same than I saw this and it worked THANK YOU

    • ngaliwet Says:

      thanks bro 🙂 lots of people there have the same problem too, random crash and graphical bugs still occurs. but its nice to try out how to solve this graphical problem of gta_sa 🙂

  92. eduard ivanov Says:

    i have this error
    sorry, but this version og gta_sa.axe is not supported.
    supported versions:
    -1.0us (14383616 bytes)
    -1.0us (compact (5189632 bytes)

    • ngaliwet Says:

      thanks for your info, i think you use a different version of gta_sa exe. please use 1.0 us version 🙂

      • eduard ivanov Says:

        but can you giv eme the link of the patch or something plz san andreas is my life

      • ngaliwet Says:

        i’m very sorry i can’t give you patch link bro, i dont use any patch of gta_sa because i heard in version 2.0 of gta_sa there’s no support for modify gta_sa. now i use this streammemoryfix, enbseries, all vehicle modded, and project oblivion. gta_sa looks beautiful and exciting 😀

      • eduard ivanov Says:

        ok now i have it really u save my life u the best the best!!!!!!sorry for the other commonts really sorry but very very much thanks

      • ngaliwet Says:

        you’re welcome bro, have a nice gta_sa gaming 😀

  93. eduard ivanov Says:

    i solve my problem very very very much thanks you and alexsander my hero!!!!!!!

  94. Aihan Ibram Ali Says:


    • Aihan Ibram Ali Says:


    • ngaliwet Says:

      a lots of people have crash too in first 5-20 minutes bro. please make sure you try it first on default gta_sa and use 1.0 us version. if you want adding other mods please use it one by one. dont use other mods that edit/change stream memory or tweak memory use by gta_sa.
      i use this streammemoryfix, all vehicle modded, project oblivion and enb series and that’s all fine 😀

      • hey man can u send me link for us v1.0 gta sa plz thx plz send me

      • i’m verry sorry bro i can’t send you a link for gta_sa.exe. i think project oblivion 2010 hq mods has exe that compatible with streammemoryfix 🙂

  95. my game crash when i go to los santos ..i think its because i use project uses its own exe file.but this mod supports for us version exe..
    what can i do with that???help me…….

    • ngaliwet Says:

      i think project oblivion similiar as us version 1.0 bro. its works fine with streammemoryfix. are you crash when entering los santos? if you think its because project oblivion please use its full version ok 😀 i use project oblivion too and its good fine to use with streammemoryfix.
      if you use project oblivion please dont replace any file of modded by project oblivion by other mods.

  96. Does this works with PS2 Version??And if does,how can i put this on the game(You know,modded gta’s for ps2 have this problem)

  97. eduard ivanov Says:

    the streammemfix.asi works good but later i got this error
    exception erangeerror in module streammemfix.asi at 00007f49
    range check error please helpi!!!

  98. Faestos Says:

    hey please could you help me?

    • ngaliwet Says:

      i think you’re not use us version of gta_sa.exe bro. streammemoryfix only support 1.0 of us version gta_sa. please use us version 1.0 of gta_sa 🙂

      • Hey ngaliwet do you hve a link of gta_sa Us 1.0 exe?
        if u have pls send us some link plszzzzz =/

      • ngaliwet Says:

        i’m very sorry bro taka, i can’t give link info about us version 1.0 of gta_sa. i am sure you can searching it in the web 🙂
        do you know Project Oblivion 2007 HQ mod for gta_sa? i think its contains an exe compatible with memorystreamfix.

  99. Tsunayoshi Sawada Says:

    Cleo 3+ENB Series+Stream Memory Fix???How Did You do it??

    • ngaliwet Says:

      yes bro i use these three wonderful modification for gta_sa. in enbseries i use a custo seting for my gt 430 gpu (shadow, dof, and occlusion are off). these mods doesn’t contains a specific similiar files and functions. please use custom seting for enbseries that comfort with your gpu/ vga 🙂
      here’s my screenshot gta_sa with projectoblivion 2007, enbseries, streammemoryfix & cleo 3

  100. jorell esguerra Says:

    sir Do you know what patch gta san andreas real verion 2 of ovisebdan is using sorry for my very bad english .

  101. kuroiraida Says:

    hatur nuhun pisansansansanandreas masbrogan!! XD
    udah lama maen SA, tapi baru2 skrg ngemod hampir semua kendaraan di SA ampe teksturnya gundul..wkwk
    pas nyari ke gtaforums yang kang ngaliwet post, malah deadlink..untung disini ada update linknya..
    downloading now..makasih nyak.. :cookies

    • ngaliwet Says:

      sami2 bro kuroiraida, senang sudah bisa berbagi linknya 😀
      sama bro sy jg doyan gonta-ganti mods kendaraan dgn streammemoryfix ini jd bisa muncul semua teksturnya tanpa gundul hehe

  102. Gearbox93 Says:

    I have mods that adds as STR3 ENB Series + + new weapons and other things and I will be perfect. Adding new vehicles must rescontruir the gta3.img for each file that is modified within the gta3.img. If this is not done, the SAStreamMemFix, fails to start.

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re right bro if rebuilding process of gta3.img not done (below 100%) it will cause crash or missing texture/ model in gta_sa. please use mods that not have similiar feature and files ok 😀
      now i use Project oblivion 2010 HQ+enb+streammemoryfix+allvehicle modified in gta_sa and they works fine.
      now i’m not use SRT3 because it will make a huge size for gta3.img. if gta3.img reach 2,5gb/ above it can’t be rebuilding again.

  103. COMO BAIXA?


    • ngaliwet Says:

      i’m sorry bro i can’t understand your language. what do you mean “COMO BAIXA?” ? please write it in english ok 🙂

  104. Twiblack Says:

    I must say a BIG THANK YOU for this amazing fix!!!
    You just made my day 🙂

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re welcome bro twiblack. i’m not the maker of this beautiful streammemoryfix bro, i’m just give information about and how to use it. the maker of streammemoryfix is alexander from thanks to him / her for make it 🙂

  105. Gearbox93 Says:

    I use the SRT3 and other mods, but the problem persists, when I’m playing for a certain time an error occurs, the file can gta3.img rescontruir Manager V.1.5 with IMG, but you can not work well with the mod SRT3 . Is there another solution?

  106. pocdb1997 Says:

    thxz now my game is perfect

  107. SAModder Says:

    My game crashes after 10 min…Please tell me why…..

    • ngaliwet Says:

      i dont know exactly why the game crashed bro, but please check your mods/ tools of gta_sa that the same feature with this strememoryfix 🙂
      example : sa_limit adjuster is not compatible with streammemoryfix.

      • found the problem. at first i thought it was the mods i downloaded that was causing the crashes but its a problem leading to another problem. SAStreamMemFix2.0.rar fixed my texture problem but caused the game to crash every 15-20mins . i spent days looking for a solution but i finally fixed it. instead of using SAStreamMemFix2.0.rar try using the 1.0. after i removed 2.0 and used the older version, the games been running normally. no texture problems no crashes 😀

      • exactly bro, when i use 2.0 version of streammemoryfix my sa going to crash in 10 minutes. but when i go back with 1.0 version, sa running stable and fine 🙂
        when using version 1.0 please do not adding too many vehicle (especially high textures) because it have a limitation instead of version 2.0.

  108. 😀

  109. Mega Bump, When I run the game it crashes. Please help?

  110. dude u just save me 😀 thanks 😀 u really is my hero 😀

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re welcome bro, thanks again to alexander he/she made this beautiful streammemoryfix 🙂

  111. AtmosFEAR Says:

    Um, I have an issue on SAMP with certain cars showing up as very dark compared to other cars… It is very annoying, is there another solution so such a thing?

  112. Thanks bro, with the textures that i had SA was an nightmare.TY again bro.

  113. roy van der maat Says:

    it fixed the graphics 🙂
    but when i play like a minute, the game crashes??

    what can i do about that!?

    • it can happen by some cause bro : not use 1.0 us version, and compatibility with others mods (especially that modified memory access, limit adjuster, etc) 🙂
      if you modified vehicles please do not mod four door vehicle with two door vehicle.

  114. operatie_5 Says:

    i have a problem, i put the asi loader and sastreamemfix.asi to my sa root and it works fine i think but yesterday i installed srt3 final and i get the textures problems back if u can help i will be thankfull.

    • please install only environment textures from srt3 bro (examples the files that add to gta3.img), if it contains others file that modified limit adjuster do not install it ok 🙂
      please notified for srt3 users : if your gta3.img reach 2,5Gb you can’t rebuilding it again, it mean you can’t add/ modified it again for others mods.

  115. Hm, My Game chrashes too and i have the 1.0us exe, i just added high res textures. any ideas?

  116. Is okay, but when i play 15 crashes. wat can i do?

    • check your other mods, do not mod four door with two door vehicle, make sure to install mod properly (vehicle.ide, handling.cfg, etc) 🙂

  117. Hello can you please tell me how do you have cleo 3,stream memory fix + enb series??i have cleo 4 and sa limit adjuster….pls tell me how do you have these 3 modifications..Thx

    • ui’m sorry bro streammemoryfix is not compatible with sa limit adjuster because it have a same function and it will crash the sa when use together 🙂
      just place cleo3/ 4, and streammemoryfix in main roots of sa 🙂

  118. makasi streamingnya.berguna bgt!!!

  119. can it work in samp?

  120. Kymani Spragga (vG) Says:

    Hello, when I’m downloading a rim mod and Instal them.
    They become White.
    how can i fix that?

  121. Leonharts_E Says:

    gila ui…
    comentnya nggak mati-mati dari tahun 2008

  122. Dear Ngaliwet,

    I’ve put this Fix into my Sa folder, but it doesn’t see to quite work.

    Any suggestions?

  123. Crashes the game

  124. I need help! I don’t know why, but the game crashes everytime it opens! I mean since I replaced the vorbis thing it can’t crash! I don’t know what’s the actual issue, but I think it might be the GTA SA Downgrader Patch (I bought it few months ago from Best Buy, new, but version 2.) or might be the new things I added like CJ Skin Tweak or also the New Great Effects V1.6. Please help!

    • i think it because of version 2.0 patch that is not compatible with stremmemoryfix.
      i use New Great Effects V1.6 too but only *.txd files bro, if it contains stream / files that modified limit adjuster do not use it.

  125. Well i test this out soon


    • you’re welcome bro, please say thanks to alexander @sannybuider because sehe/ he made this beautiful streammemoryfix.asi 🙂

  127. Madness G Says:

    hmm, i have a problem that i moded some guns and car, new great effect v1.6, cleo 3 with some cleo mods and it got this problem so i downloaded this and add it to gta_sa directory then when i play my crash after played for a while about 2 or 3 minutes. My save game is in San Fierro, any idea plz help me !?!

    • halo madness g,
      i dont have any idea why your gta_sa crash, bro but i think its not compatible with your mods installed. please try streammemory fix with no other mods first, then add your other mods one by one.
      cleo4 is released, i recomend to use it as soon as possible 🙂
      and make sure you’re use 1.0 version of gta_sa ok

      • hey man same problem with me my game crashes after 2-3 minutes i am using cleo 4 but still it crashes plz can u tell me whatz the problem and how can i solve??

  128. Hello.I have got some problem with my cars .. if i got some car with HD texture it make my game crashed and spamm something like : Wrong 0x5848 bla bla bla …

    • halo tino,
      first check your hd texture car mods, then make sure not replace four door car with two door car,
      check handling.cfg, vehicle.ide., etc please use ggmm to installing car mod with manual mod installer then rebuilding gta3.img with img manager tool 🙂


  130. Krzysztof Says:

    Aq punya sebuah versi bajak GTA SA (dengan NoCD crack). Ketika mencoba memuatnya dengan mod kamu, pesan tampak seperti itu: “sorry, but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported…”. Apa aku harus melakukan?? Btw I’m not Indonesian, just Polish learning that beautiful language 😉

    • thanks for trying indonesian language bro Krzysztof , terima kasih 🙂
      ok i think your gta_sa.exe is not 1.0 us version. hints : project oblivion hq 2010 mods has exe that compatible with streammemoryfix.asi. please do not use gta_sa .exe compact version which is smaller size than original size file. good luck bro 🙂

  131. Goon said: Question! how do I get into the file & Uncompress & Copy the archives and go to the GTA SA folder & Paste em?
    (That made little sense if you ask me)

    Anyways, I have a question of my own: Im using SRT3, ENB & A few HQ Ped mods.
    Everything is fine while I play but as soon as I turn ENB Series on all the textures disappear besides the vegetation…

    Im using 0.075c3 (Wich is the latest I think?)

    • BTW, My problem is with SA:MP only, The single player works fine (Besides some textures getting dark & then light as I pass by)

      • i’m very sorry bro i dont know how to solve your sa:mp problem because i only play in singleplyer gta_sa 🙂

    • you dont need to uncompress, bro. please use img editor such alci img editor, img manager, img tool, etc to edit/add files to gta3.img. i think the best tool is img manager because its can rebuild gta3.img to 4Gb. remember to rebuild every change you made to gta3.img.
      if you use srt3 or modding a lots of hq vehicles, its nice to use stremmemoryfix.asi with cleo to fix environment texture bugs, dont forget to use 1.0 us version that compatible with streammemoryfix.asi 🙂

  132. hey man i used ur stream mem fix but i have a problem when i play the game it works fine but after 3-5 minutes the dont send error comes and then the game closes can any one help me !!! plz plz plz i need help to solve this!!

    • i am using gta sa us version 1.0

    • i think its not compatible with your other mods, please do not use it with sa_limit adjuster or another mods that modify to unlock limit stream memory of gta_sa.
      try this, install it without any others mods, if fine then adds your mods one by one 🙂

  133. thanks man, my whole game is now completely FUCKED, had to try so many ways to try and get this shit to work and it ended up fucking it up in so many ways. do you know just how long it took to put all my txd and dff mods in there?!?! FUCK, Now im just deleting my game, fuck it, i’m done with san andreas for good now thanks to this. sooo many god damn problems. and all i wanted to do was see where i was going.

    • i’m using a lots of mods in my gta_sa : streammemoryfix.asi, project oblivion hq 2010, new great effect 1.6, all vehicles mods to hq, all peds mods to superheroes, all weapons modded, bunch of cleo scripts, etc
      i can play without crash because i dont use two or more mods that have same feature and install it one by one then check its stability each mods. here’s i share link mods that i use for my gta_sa :

      project oblivion hq

      peds to superheroes

  134. have absolutely NO idea where to start in saving my game files. i need a version 1.0 us exe and the original vorbis files, which somehow got deleted (yes i backed em up, yet they somehow fucked off somewhere). where can i get a version 1.0 us gta_sa.exe?????????? HELP i dont wanna give up my game after all the manual mod txd and dff installing…..

  135. Hi!
    I want to use this fix with ULTRAHD 2.0 mod but it doesn’t work. The Textures are still disappear :(! Can you help me?

    • i’m sorry i dont use ultrahd mods so i dont know how to solve your problem bro.
      try to extracting ultra hd mods to temporary folder, check if its has similiar feature to streammemoryfix (such as sa_limit adjuster) then its not campatible.

  136. Manusia Tanpa Lidah Says:

    Wow orang indo ya?
    ada kata ngaliwet Haha

  137. i have a problem…i have put the StreamMemFix.asi on my gta sa folder but when i play the game…my gta sa textures is always the same=dissappear and appearing….i dont why this happen….please reply…sorry about my bad english

  138. Car Review and Specifications…

    […]How To Fix High Quality Textures Modification in GTA San Andreas « Ngaliwet Yuk[…]…

    • what do you mean car review and specification bro? i can’t review it all because its too much mods, all vehicles of my gta_sa modded 😀

  139. gan boleh tanya ga? maaf kalo OOT… 😀

    kenapa ya pas main gta di komputer ane kok layarnya flashing gitu terus lama-lama hang (bunyi mendengung) kalau di High Quality

    padahal spek ane :

    Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.60Ghz
    3GB RAM DDR2
    GeForce GTX 570 HD 1280 MB GDDR5

    apa Processornya ga kuat atau gimana nih soalnya pas buka game berat semacam GTA gitu CPU Usage langsung ke kisaran 70%

    mohon bantuannya gan… 🙂

    • flashing dan bunyi mendengungnya pas scene lg hujan dlm gtanya bro? kalo iya coba ganti eax dllnya dengan ini
      jangan lupa backup dulu aslinya ok.

      tapi kalau flashing itu di semua scene cuaca, sy blm tahu solusinya bro. spek pc mu udah lebih dari cukup, gta_sa belum mendukung secara native quad core jadi mestinya lebih ringan utilitas cpunya kecuali jika semua kendaraan sudah di mods dan masang streammemoryfix.asi nah itu akan meningkatkan utilitas memory untuk meload tesktur2 kendaraan yang sudah di mods 😀

  140. Should i copy all 3 files or only 1 in root directory?

  141. Guys i have gta sa ver 1.0 i dont know if its us version but it runs ok on my pentium4,768mb ram and 96mb intel extreme graphics 2 but the problem started after i installed a couple of car mods some of the car mods run great but others starts 2 slow down whenever i drive the car or when i pass it by in the game its just slows down like its dragging all the textures are there .i have tried 2 install the asiloader and streamemoryfix but the problem doesnt go away, i have cleo 4 pliz guys help me

    • i thinks its too high textures, use txdworkshop, load your *.txd mod file, extract then open with graphic editor such photoshop make them low texture by lower their resolution, then import again to your *.txd mod file by txdworkshop. add it again to ypur gta3.img, rebuild. hope it works 🙂

  142. JammyxM4STER Says:

    Hey i can confirm that the stream fix makes my game crash every 15-20 minutes, do u have any solution for this ? 😦 I cant enjoy my game if it crashes every 20 minutes

    • technically i don’t know the solution bro, yes i understand your problem. i think if you want to prevent crash try Stripped Main with Externscripts (and Submissions) by ZAZ
      but its not contain main mission from sa, just playing around and free roaming, just start new games. do not add other mods, test first streammemoryfix stability. then add your mods one by one. good luck 🙂

  143. Juggernaut Says:

    Thanks dude!

  144. thx for helping me solve the problem 😀

  145. Ucuz sunucu barindirma…

    […]How To Fix High Quality Textures Modification in GTA San Andreas « Ngaliwet Yuk[…]…

  146. hey friends 😦 i have a problem… i have done alot of work on gta_sa 😦 like changed many cars replaced roads cleo scripts and many other mods as well, use enb series too… well the problem is streamline memory fix works fine but it crashes the game at some places… please help me.. i dnt wana edit the wole game again 😦 .. sorry for my bad english

    • just dont forget to backup your gta_sa before using any mods. i’ve been there, crash at some place, check the mods that edit ipl and others map objects. if you want test stability please use stripped main mission scm from ZAZ.
      please do not use streammemoryfix with sa limit adjuster and other similiar mods

  147. I am thankful for everthing i did it well nothing to ask …. I liked the site i will download on it

  148. Hey i have a problame in my game gta sa after install some cleo mods my game could not work propraly.When i play gta sa my game run like invisibal city.I also have a stream memory fix no cd.Tell me that how can i fix my game’s graphic.Os win xp
    gta snow andress

    • first use gta_sa.exe 1.0 us version then install cleo engine (version 3 or 4). then place streammoryfix.asi at main root directory of gta_sa, good luck 🙂

  149. I also have a same problame.After install some cleo 4,3,2 mods in my gta sa graphic works like this image.I have a stream memory fix.No cd but its not works.Tell me what’s reason.

    • use one of cleo version such cleo 3, uninstall the old if you want use the new version. then make sure use us 1.0 version of gta_sa. streammemoryfix only support gta_sa 1.0 us version 🙂

  150. If you used Stream memory fix, how do you prevent the game from crashing after 10-20 mins of playing?

    I use
    * stream memory fix 1.0 version
    * gta_sa.exe 1.0 us unpatched version
    * vorbisFile.dll and vorbisHooked.dll from CLEO 4 library

    Without streammemfix the game works like a charm… just got really annoyed of missing textures, but with streammemoryfix, the game crashes after 10-20 mins… 😦 Is there something I could do to prevent the game from crashing after 10-20 mins of playing?

    And which version of Stream Memory Fix should I use?

    • technically i dont know the solution bro, but try use exe 1.0 version from project oblivion 2010 hq mod.
      streammemoryfix 1.0 more stable than 2.0 version. i use 1.0 version. good luck bro 🙂

  151. Direct linking is not allowed anymore on Alexander’s web. Perhaps you could update the download link to his/her mod topic instead

  152. Can I use this fix in SA v1.0 Europe No CD Exe?please help

  153. Hey I have a problem with the memory fix, when I’m trying to select a skin, after circular through about 100 skins, the game crashes. Does anyone know why this is happening?

    • do you mean model npc skin for player? its recomended that to lower the resolution of image in txd file in npc model (use txdworkshop)

  154. mas , buat versi 1.00 ada ga ?

  155. minta nama fb dong ngeliwet…

    atau add fb gw :

    sekalian berbagi mod gta SA…hehehe 😀

  156. I try to use CLEO 4 with the Memory fix as I need CLEO 4 for some of my mods but the game won’t play.
    I get a message saying that my game isn’t version 1.0US or 1.0US Compact. Can someone help me fix this?

    • ngaliwet Says:

      yup you need 1.0 us version of gta_sa *.exe, bro sean. you can obtain its *.exe in project oblivion 2010 hq mods 🙂

  157. NSwahn97 Says:

    I have Downgraded my GTA SA from 2,00 eu to 1.00.Then I have putted there Cleo 4 and installed over 30 cars, i use the gta_sa_compact.exe. Then it started to do this. I putted the StreamMemFix.asi. And it says “Sorry, but this verison of gta_sa.exe is not supported.” What I do, where can i download gta_sa.exe 1,00 us or gta_sa_compact.exe us?? Please help me!!!

    • ngaliwet Says:

      just check out project oblivion 2010 hq mod for gta_sa, its contain *.exe file that compatible with streammemoryfix.asi 🙂

  158. Hello, I just installed GTA, and it installs as a V2 USA .exe file. I tried doing a downgrade to 1.00 and it’s version is a 1.00 MODIFIED. (I can’t use the stream fix on a modified one.) What process do I have to to to get a V1 that will work?

  159. will this work !

  160. Makasih disaya 😀 btw.kalo bisa tolong upload in semua file d3dx9_ di derektori gta sa dong.sama file d3d9 dan eax.dll .please banget gan ,file file tadi bikin gta ane sering fc karna dulu pernah install mod yg ngereplace file tadi yang ternyata gak cocok 😦 please ya gan 🙂 makasih sebwlmnya

    • ok sip sama2 bro. maap blm sempat upload, saran sy pake cleo4 saja dan jika pake enb pasang lg filenya, ok bro good luck 🙂

  161. Wreckless_gamr Says:

    Spectacular bro! Thanks, you and alexander! Solved my problem, i thought i would had to buy more ram or something, but after this, my money’s staying in my wallet!

  162. there is a fix for 1.01 versiom here :

    Just install CLEO and copy to your game directory.
    It worked for me with a patched version and exe.

  163. hi bro, my game crashes during the loading screen, i have installed SRT3 1.7 + Project oblivion 2010, any way to fix this? thanks alot!

    • i think these mods have the same files and edit same features too, best chioce is choose one of them, or only use the grass texture from project oblivion if combine with srt3 1.7.
      if each mods both of them edit gta.dat or add entry *.img to gta.dat then game will crash while loading screen.

  164. hello, i’ve installed SRT3 and Project oblivion 2010 on my gta but it crashes at the loading screen. u know how to fix this? thanks

    • do not use all of them bro, because now they are have the same files and edit the same feature. i think the old version of srt compatible but not in the recent version. if you wanna combine these two mods, only use grass textures only from project oblivion, ok bro good luck 🙂

  165. i have a modified gta its version is 1.0us will it work for me??

  166. is this the full game because i cant find where to download gta sa its hard to install sorryfor my english

    • i’m sorry bro i can’t give you download link for full game version 🙂
      this is only fix for gta_sa with mods 🙂

  167. where can i download full game with no cd crack no installation please help me please i really appriciate it… please.. god i want to play gta sa…

  168. DK_GTA4andSAPlayer Says:

    That is one of the best mods ever created for SA, I also had this problem ages ago. I modded my SA with a lot of IV cars, and other IV mods to SA, and the environment textures began to disappear all over the place! I then found this SteamMemFix, and this worked pretty good. Great find 🙂

  169. LoveLy'gUrls Says:

    Hye!Ngaliwet.,Saya nak tanye ni,Pabila saya letak ENB SERIES Dlm Gta SAn Andreas saya,Dan bila saaaya start GTA:GTA.EXE….Tiada Apa2 muncul,Please…Saya mau Enb seriesss….Saya ni Perempuan..Main Gta sa Jugak..Hehe(^_^)…..

    • ok sis kl udah pasang enb series pastikan itu dlm windows directX nya update dulu ke minimal juni 2010. pastikan pasang enb jangan yang beta tapi yang stable release ok good luck 🙂

  170. You don’t know how much I love you an alex sannybuilder for this mod, to you for sharing it and to him for making it. The texture problem has been annoying me for literally years and now finally I can enjoy a fully modded GTA San Andreas how it’s meant to be enjoyed. Thanks a lot!

  171. danboom Says:

    where can i download Streammemfix.asi that works cuz them links don’t work and the streammemfix.asi that iv downloaded from another site dont work either and i dont know what version of SA iv got can anybody help me please

  172. hello friend is like posting the download fix memory stream

  173. Then I use SRT3 v1.7, but ta problem in giving a flow of memory is to put a patch download

  174. Hi guys, after I visited several sites about SAStreamMemFix error ..
    I finally found the solution, just click this link : 2Bv.3_2.rar.html

    in which there is gta_sa.exe 1.0 us version, StreamMemFix.asi, VorbisFile.dll, Vorbishooked.dll

    copy and paste .. \ Rockstar Games \ GTA San Andreas.
    Don’t forget to backup files to be changed.
    if you want more details, please read the “READ ME”

    sorry for the english
    You’re set to play with a Dozens of mods.

  175. Heyyyy, the link doesn’t seem to work =/ I would appreciate it if you had one that worked because i’ve been trying to find a solution to this for the longest time =/

  176. reyasem Says:

    wah,sama2 orang indo toh. kirain orang luar 😀

    thanks for sharing bro,saya udah hampir pasrah ngadepin texture bug :D.

    sekali lagi thanks ya bro 😀

  177. ok, i try it.. meybe can fix my problem.. on GTA 5

  178. Hello.
    Can you explain “don’t use two or three mods with same effects” and can you give me an example for it?
    Thanks for the help.

    • these mods with the same effect are potential crash for gta_sa example streammemoryfix & gta sa limit adjuster, project oblivion & fantasy hill race, gta XXX & project oblivion, etc. because they are : edit the same features, example edit gta.dat, add *.img entry to gta.dat.

  179. make sure that the game has install not copy from cd and hen put it.

  180. I copied the files streamfix all three of them from the folder to GTA San andreas, than I copied the Vorbis files from the asi loader to gta san andreas, still aint fixin it, i still have the problem, i got like 11-12 vehicle mods, and some modifications on weapons models and stuff. I still have the problem did i do something wrong, if yes reply to my comment here, and help me out ya.

    • please try streammeoryfix on default gta_sa without mods, then add mods one by one, test drive each mods around 5-15 minutes to make sure and find if any mod make crash 🙂

  181. bookmarked!!, I really like your web site!

  182. Used Stream Memory Fix & replaced the VorbisFile.dll as well as the Vorbishooked.dll but the game crashes as soon as the wanted level turns 1 star or a large explosion takes place ( using the RPG or the Heat Seeker).
    Please Help ;(

    • are you use another mods gameplay mods for police/ wanted star? i dont know if streammemoryfix cause this, i think it from another mods
      large explotion make crash? make sure use eax.dll fix to solve that problem bro 🙂

  183. Everyone, Here is the FIX, You can drag and replace the Vorbisfile and the Vorbishooked. That’s not the problem. The problem is You should NOT put all 3 files inside your GTA folder, like this guy is telling you. I did just like he said and guess what? That message came out, saying sorry only 1.0. So Please, just put the StreamMemFix1.0.asi and it will work! delete the other 2. You can buy me coffee later! 😀 – I am so happy with this! Thank you might friend and thank you my other friend who made this! love, love, love! lol

  184. HI guys, ive got problem …. I succesfully installed couple of mods (srt, project oblivion , timecyc, new weapons , …) , during the playing of SAMP, i pressed many times ‘F5’ button, to check, how much memory is used, my friend got 512 mb, and thats enough for him, ive got 1,2 gb , and everytime, when im going through the SA , the memory is over the capacity and the game crash, i dont want to stay in one city just to keep it without crash.I dont know, what is the problem, my friend is using same mods. Please help

    • do you mean SAMP : san andreas multiplayer ? i dont recommend use mods with san andreas multiplayer bro. the more mods it will be higher the ram usage, that’s how streammemoryfix work. how much ram capacity do your pc have? i recommended more than 2000 mb ram (4000 mb is good enough) for srt and project oblivion.

  185. hey you!!!.it solved my problem so cool.but i think the guyz here must know whats my system performans:

    athlon ||.2 260 3.2gh
    ram 8 g
    gpu gforce 520 ddr3 2g gainward

    video setting very high
    frame limmiter off
    distance full
    anty alize off

    • you’re welcome bro 🙂
      as long as you do not use enbseries mod, project oblivion and srt3, the capasity of your system is good enough to play modded vehicles with streammemoryfix of gta_sa

  186. Thanks it’s work

  187. If some one wishes to be updated with most recent technologies therefore he
    must be pay a quick visit this site and be up to date all the time.

  188. ramaorama Says:

    salam sejahtera bro ngaliwet . sy perlu link nye pls.tqtqtq :8)

    • link streammemorifnya sudah saya update bro, pembuat skripnya (alexander) tidak mengijinkan direct link jadi harus masuk dulu halaman webnya 🙂

  189. The IMG Manager won’t open for me. I daren’t drag and drop either. How can I make this work without this IMG manager as it isn’t compatible with Windows 7?

    • use alci img manager is an alternate to IMG manager, but for *.img more than 2 Gb IMG Manager is the best to edit and rebuild *.img files 🙂
      yes img have some trouble in win 7 x64, try open a Command Prompt (as Administrator) Then, type the following command: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\ldr64.exe setwow

  190. yahia bareclona Says:

    this bad modification

  191. when i parachuting from office tower the bulding are disapperd

  192. when i parachuting from office tower the bulding are disapperd Please Help ;(

    • do you mean when you look from above paracute (player) the building disappear? rarely graphical bug if san andreas modded, mostly occurred by environment mods.

  193. Thx a lot
    ane coba nie – i will try this
    but kalo Not work i used deepfreeze

    Saluut Ngaliwet

    • thanks sama2 bro, sy hanya share info link fix buat missing texture, pembuatnya adalah alexander@sannybuilder 🙂

      nice blog bro, tapi tolong instruksi kontrolnya diterjemahkan tombol2 konsol ps nya ke pc biar gamer pc. sy tertarik dengan “MEMBERIKAN MOBIL PADA ANGGOTA GENG” tapi bingung juga di pc tombol segitiga jadi apa ya hehehe 😀

  194. I just using super timecyc v3 and srt3 1.7mod?

  195. Ahhh so good to see so many ppl still playing gta Sa ^^ i re-installed n have modded n as far havent seen any bux n this time memory fix worked well too 🙂 geme link to some mods , btw i recently added a cleo mod for single player i.e backflip , 360 , forwardjump there r 12 different jumps/flips in that mod any one interested ? n its BUG FREE too so no worry that game ll get crash 🙂

    • thanks you’re welcome bro. yes i’ll appreciate your mods please share it here please 🙂
      for parkour i use two different cleo scripts : backflip, & matrix jump, so i can sprint, jump, backflip then matrix jump between buildings. it would be better if the two mods are put together hehe

  196. Whats the exactly name of this fix when i click on the link i get a skyrim mods too. Can you email me with correct link. I will appreciate this. Greetings from Croatia

    • sorry I think the owner change the location of the file, bro
      ok its in the gta san andreas/SA Program/San Andreas Texture Draw Fix / Stream Memory Fix SA Programs

  197. I personally want to know how come you branded
    this particular post, “How To Fix High Quality Textures Modification
    in GTA San Andreas | Ngaliwet Yuk”. No matter what I actually adored it!
    Thanks for the post,Katlyn

    • ngaliwet Says:

      you’re welcome bro thanks bro. I initially had the same problem bro, then find this plugin to overcome the problem of missing textures when adding mods in gta san andreas 😀

  198. Man i did everything, but objects keep loading slow. Im with maxed settings, and i dont have high ping.

    • ngaliwet Says:

      i think your gta_sa do not load streammemoryfix from the start bro. just make sure you do not use other mods that same features with streammemoryfix, such gta limit adjuster, etc.

      please try it first in default 1.0 of gta_sa then add the mods one by one.

  199. hi friends . the fix is not available on anymore ! i went to gta sa submenu and it says ( in development )
    please upload the fix somewhere if you have it ! tanx !

  200. hey guys the GTA SA sub-menu of Alexander’s website is in development and the fix is not available actually ! so i found a link that you can download the fix from :
    I’ve test it ! it work’s !
    tanx Alexander ! for this amazing mod !
    and u ngaliwet ! your weblog is very cool ! I’ve bookmarked your weblog !

  201. hy bro can you help me??
    when i play every 10 minutes game will be crash after install SRT and i use SASMemFix not work….game will be crash..please help me..sorry for my bad english……..

    • ngaliwet Says:

      what version of SRT do you use? i think srt version 1.3 is quite stable for streammemory fix 1.0 and gta_sa exe 1.0 us version but do not use another retexture & enviromnment mods such as project oblivion, etc. SRT is greats only for default gta_sa. if you want combine it with another mods please check files one by one before apply mods. if the same file is better not to continue combining mods.
      try streammemoryfix to default gta_sa then aplly mods one by one, backup first. good luck bro 🙂

  202. majestic Says:

    Can somebody PLZ tell me the steps from one to the end??

    • ngaliwet Says:

      first make sure your gta_sa exe is 1.0 us version. second, apply cleo engine version 3 or 4 to your gta_sa folder. (mine use version 3 ). then apply (extract) streammemoryfix to your gta_sa folder. play gta_sa 🙂

  203. bro, ane gak work nih

    • ngaliwet Says:

      masa ga work bro ? 😀 pastikan gta_sa.exe nya versi 1.0 us version bro. kalo pake euro version bisa juga tapi streammemoryfixnya harus untuk yang euro juga. nah terus yang streammemoryfix nya pake yang 1.0 dan cleo engine pake yang 3 aja kecuali ada mods yang butuh versi 4 juga ok. coba cek dulu bro versi2 file tadi 🙂

  204. thank men i want to kiss you for that

  205. gimana sih downloadnya kok pas link nya dibuka nggak ada unduhannya?

  206. Gak work bro. ane kira ini blog orang luar , ternyata orang indo bro

  207. Coverdrave Says:

    Does it will work for HP Mini 210-1000 1.7ghz 1gb ram(or i have maybe 2) pls say me i dont like the old shitty cars bikes or other vehicles tnx 🙂

    • ngaliwet Says:

      your HP Mini 210-1000 specification is not enough if using this streammemoryfix because gta_sa will use a lot of recources (ram&vram) especially if you add more hq texture vehicle mods. i recommend use default gta_sa for your HP Mini 210-1000, if you want mods just add cleo script to add features 🙂

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