S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call Of Pripyat Review

Nuclear power plant explosion on April 26, 1986 at the Chernobyl ukraine (formerly part of the Soviet Union) became a nightmare. environmental damage, pollution, and radiation which is very terrible has happened in the area around CNPP (the Chernobyl nuclear plant). These sections are tested through a series developed by GSC stalker, an action game with first-person perspective with a place setting at the Center of the Zone, the term to refer to Chernobyl. Artifacts, anomalies and mutants are a disaster as well as attractiveness for residents and visitors center of the zone. Each group has a different motivation from economics, research, until the cult.


Events S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat (SCOP) lasted after Strelok Destroying the C-Consciousness in the Center of the Zone / CNPP (Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant). Party Government decided to conduct large-scale exploration to the Center of the Zone. For the first phase of exploration began with the observation through the air by the military, especially in areas of extreme and there are anomalies radiated.

The military decided to send five Gunship to make observations from the air. unexpectedly, the fifth military Gunship fall in different places. speculation arose from sabotage to the phenomenon of environmental anomalies. eventually the military that is Ukraine’s Security Service (USS) to send his agent Alexander Degtyarev (Player) to investigate the cause of the collapse of five military Gunship. with the passing of the story, Degtyarev will know more than just how it guship fifth cause of an accident. conflicts between the inhabitants of the zone, to meet with the “living legend” strelok. yup strelok scar alias alias alias marked one main character player who played in two series the previous stalker!

How to end the story of how the decision will depend on players and anyone who figures to survive until the end of the story.


Graphic visualization of SCOP is to use the concept of realism in which the description of all environment based on the places that really exist in the area around Chernobyl. Developer successfully presents an authentic locations are like yanov station and Pripyat. effects of weather are also quite diverse environments ranging from a dark night, sunny afternoon, the dark sky was overcast to heavy rain managed to appear to give the atmosphere into the SCOP.

The author had initially complained about the thick night in SCOP until weapons are not visible. flashlight was only about 3-4 meters of view distance. after receiving the new nightvision upgrade impression here that the pitch-black night SCOP. yup dark of night more manambah mencekamnya adrenaline when combined with the atmosphere.

If compared with the previous two series Staker SCOP quite stable and relatively lighter with the same spec used by the authors. if in the SoC and CS, the author only static lighting dimedium comfortable in texture, is now in the COP, the author can enjoy the full dynamic lighting on medium texture. for friends who have a more powerful GPU will definitely explore more beautiful in SCOP.


The voices that surround the area of the zone are quite impressive. player could hear the faint howling of dogs in the middle of the night, the gurgling sound of rain, rumble of thunder, wind blowing, the sound of wild animals like crickets at night and the sound of birds chirping. variations depending on where the sound generated when the location and time when the player to explore environments. surf on a scorching afternoon will be very different atmosphere when night let alone in the pouring rain and lightning, wuihh.
NPC will greet players when it passed in the street or a visit to their place. only after a long time player will feel bored also sengan the same greeting. but there salahs the author likes or in greetings of “hey bro” seemed to meet teman2 gx hehe. to the voice on the weapons are apparently not dealt with seriously. sound quality is still less kicking weapon, such as cans burst. long-barreled gun sound it was more fierce in other similar games. G36 sound similar to a micro-SMG.


Gameplay on the SCOP sector experienced a significant increase compared with two series that have been released first. For the player who once had a stalker SoC mods installed overhaul called Oblivion Lost would have been familiar with the new features in gameplay SCOP.

For information on Oblivion Lost is a “project name” when the stalker was first developed by the developer. When approaching the time of the release SoC developers eventually chose the name Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl by eliminating some features, among others in the sector, the gameplay is random emission and mutant (chimera and Thuskan).

Ok back to the SCOP gameplay, seems to increase this aspect leads to the dynamic world of stalker. each time the player visits a place in the CoP in terms of exploration or to reload the game will get a different experience. this is caused by the implementation of AI Life System, where all the inhabitants of The Zone (NPC and mutant) have their respective activities.


NPC is quite diverse activities ranging from trade, hang out, to warm the body in the fire, robbery, Finding Artifacts, Mutant hunting, and playing musical instruments. NPC is divided into several factions :

1. Stalker

This is a collection of independent people who speculate on the Zone in order to find artifacts. members can come from anywhere, from any faction. With a capital of improvised weapons and risked capital stalker usually found in many areas even the most extreme anomalies.

2. Bandit

With the aim of which is almost the same as a stalker is to look for artifacts and other benefits. Terlatak differences in the way they do: Criminal. yup they do everything they can to make profits, including coercion by violence and the smuggling of other commodities, including weapons.

3. Freedom

This faction, assuming the CNPP disaster explosion that caused the radiation could have significant benefits for human life. Differences with scientis, more freedom to use any form to carry out the purposes ARMORY organization. they all have the right to explore and exploit the zone. In terms of costumes there are similarities with the military, they are more relaxed difference in manners between rank levels

4. Duty

180″ different “with Freedom, Duty has a view of all areas affected by radiation must be destroyed so as not to endanger human life. anyone who tries to hinder their goal is the enemy. this is the cause why go round duty freedom and eternal enemies. Duty has the equipment arsenal no less fierce with freedom. They use military-style etiquette in conjunction with fellow former duty based on rank.

5. Military

This extension to the government that he did not want anyone entering the zone. who dare enter will automatically become an enemy and must be ready to bear the consequences.

6.  Mercenaries

Yeah, a mercenary with a variety of interests for anyone who uses their services. Generally, they smuggle weapons, artifacts and other commodities. sometimes they drop rarely weapons and items. Sometime combat will be chalengging especially when you meet their best and unique soldiers.

7. Monolith

This group is more like a cult that has a diverse arsenal of deadly. they believe in the magical power that comes from radiation, anomaly, and the damage caused by nuclear explosions CNPP. Together with the military, they protect the zone from the touch of anyone. members are adequately trained in the fighting.  If one of its members caught in a snare there is anybody not going to work picking information. Because before they had been tortured suicide usually go first.

8. Zombified Stalker

Do not worry they can not sprint like in other games. from a distance of tens of meters they were faintly audible groans. activities, although zombies quite diverse, ranging free-roaming near the former group until kongkow extinguished bonfire. maybe they do not carry matches to light a fire.

9. Scientist

Generally, they are still an extension to the government as well as the stalker. Another small portion is independent scientists who are equally interested in doing research. although they do not have a tough exoskeleton armor but one produced a superior product, yes really anti-radiation suits. anyone would not want to die stupid when exploring the area filled with radiation.

Unlike Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky where the player directly hostile to the military and the bandits, there are differences in the Call of Pripyat (CoP).  Player’s reputation with the bandits and the military is neutral. as how the behavior of players in the storyline then this reputation will change. principles of The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend in the norms applicable CoP. for the player who chose the threat of an enemy there is only neutral in zombies, mutants and Mercenaries (after the ending of main mission).
variety of mutants with unique abilities ready to welcome anyone who is visiting the zone. The following are a few species of mutant :
1. Thuskan
A timid rat skull if one but terrible if in large numbers. do not be surprised to hear his voice, all must have thought of this huge creature, if only to hear her voice. confirm a gun or a micro-SMG to greet this creature.
2.  Pseudog
Dog that can perform replication itself. biangnya immediately if you do not want to find dead were massacred by the replicas.
3. Burer
More like a midget dwarf physically. when this creature raised his hand immediately to avoid / hide. player can ngedrop stamina can not walk until limp. attacks continue to blow things around because the burer have telekinesis abilities. not until the oxygen tank hit the player when collapsed limply.
4. Bloodsucker
Behavior as the name that is sucking blood. kenegrian growing because this mutant could disappear. unlike the two previous series, the blood sucker is now completely invisible. against this creature in the water because it looks easy from a stepped water ripples. but if you walk on the ground only his voice to be heard, make sure the settings are not mono speakermu when this creature came.
5. Controller
These creatures will make a guaranteed player because it can cause dizziness screen rotates and added high-frequency sound memekakan ear. to avoid the attack is only one way: do not make eye contact with him.
6. Chimera
Night creatures strong, fast, agile and terrifying. if you want to survive do dodging, do not run. This creature is dangerous when given a distance because loncatannya far away. approach and dodge every loncatannya, fitted with a landed immediately fired at your best weapon.
7. Two Leg
Mutant tanks that can vibrate the ground until the player collapsed. These mutants may be suitable for simulation training around the earthquake zone.

Humaniod posture is still equipped with gas masks antiradiasi their usual groups. loncatannya pretty quickly, players have to dodge the PD last detik2 cakarannya if you do not want to hit. prepare shotgun or rifle with accuracy upgrades to deal with these creatures.

There was no mistaking this is the reason everyone came to the center of the zone. a very valuable commodity, there is what makes kekakayaan, until confidence in the usefulness of research.
Natural phenomenon arising from the impact of environmental damage a nuclear explosion. accumulation of air pollution caused great clouds and bodies in the area of the zone. This unique phenomenon in a random place and time for both places. all the NPC will automatically seek refuge either in a permanent building, bunker or fracture-fracture the soil. definitely fun if two or more opposing faction NPC refuge to the same place.
passed emissions will occur after other unique phenomenon that is merespawn random mutants and artifacts in certain areas. CoP makes gameplay more dynamic, player gaming experience somewhere different if the other player time bekunjung there again. Who knew there was a rare artifact or mutant tough to wait, good hunting.
At the end of the player’s primary mission will be given the freedom to choose to leave the zone or going for a walk first. in this section should have the discretion developers working on the world’s more progressive stalker again. but the fact there are no new missions, even places where players join faksi2 Also there was no longer assignments. Automatic player can only hunting mutadan find and sell artifacts.
New features in SCOP whose function is similar to perk. player can get a variety of achievement in accordance with the achievements, decisions and habits of behavior in the zone. achievement of different benefits, namely a discount when trading, getting regular shipments of ammunition and medkit, respect, survival in emissions in the outdoors, and others. The author recommends making a save game to determine which rewards achievement will be obtained if it will take a decision in missions in the SCOP.
SCOP stalker is able to present how the game should work. Dynamic world continued even after the player spends a lot of time to sleep for fear of threats in the evenings. experience of playing every reload will be no difference. AI so good combat, exploration is always intriguing. It felt “horror” in the zone does not want to end.
On the other hand seems to Freeplay mode limited only to entertain the player who did not want to be awakened from keasikan gameplay stalker. Nothing more than that. With a folder that only amounted to 3 and the absence of additional mission ascertained player will quickly left the zone which then ends with diuninstalnya SCOP in a disk. hopefully in the next stalker series Freeplay sector dealt with a myriad of new features a more dynamic and impressive. Good Hunting Stalker.
Storyline Score 7,5
Unfortunately the delivery of the storyline SCOP experiencing significant weakness. For example in the SoC and the SC had some sort of collection of additional information on the PDA either of the factions, items, until tokoh2 central mutant (kl in a kind of codex DAO). PDA in SCOP are no longer equipped with additional information, the result will be felt only player here and there told aja.
Player who has never played a previous series will likely feel the atmosphere of confusion and lack of SCOP.
Opportunity Attractiveness story could actually exploited the side of the player who comes from a military faction. used in the SoC and CS’s factions who make strelok dizziness than monolith and Mercenaries. For FMV sector was now replaced with a picture slideshow in the delivery of the story, more or less this will reduce the player enjoying keasikan SCOP. one thing that is good enough that there are still branching storyline and choices with which the player will join factions, or to a neutral course.
Gameplay Score 9,0
Ongoing dynamic life equipped with additional features namely random emission, random respawn artifacts, the variety of activities and of course random NPC Encounter. each time loading the game / new map players will not see the same NPC who appears in the same place.
Graphic Score 8,0
GSC berhasil mewujudkan lingkungan yang otentik ke dalam dunia SCOP. segi artistik yang mengutamakan realisme baik dari segi pewarnaan maupun model objek-objek yang ada di permukaan the zone. Pencahayaan akan berubah seiring dengan perubahan cuaca dan waktu. malam yang pekat dan hujan lebat akan berbeda dengan malam yang cerah dengan bulan purnama. kelemahan ada di animasi yang masih terlihat kaku terutama sewaktu npc menoleh ke samping atau membalikan badan. mereka seperti sedang sakit pinggang sehingga seluruh badannya harus ikut berbalik juga.
Sound Score 7,0
atmosphere resulting from environmental ambience very good. unfortunately this is not followed by the support of dialogue between the NPC and the player who tends to repetitive. Whir sound does not even seem to kick ass weapons. There was no difference with 636 votes microsmg
Replay Score 7,5
Although there are several branches of the story when the player took the decision in the mission and joining a particular faction but their impact will not be too significant, even the reward was not so spectacular. in general there are three branching story that is joined with duty, freedom or become a neutral stalker. apart by factions, ending to the story will be influenced by anyone who still survive until the last mission. player in this sector should be able to enjoy full-motion movie in the form of computer graphics for every ending, who obtained such as SoC series. Sy therefore give a score 7.5 for replay value.
This scop review was originally created in Indonesian. I have translated into English language by using google translate. thanks.

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