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How To Fix High Quality Textures Modification in GTA San Andreas

Posted in Share The Pain on July 21, 2008 by ngaliwet

Gta San Andreas (GTA SA) is an awesome action driving game. Are you play this game? If not try it guys! You’ll have a lot of fun. GTA SA is not just driving games, it’s more complicated than you think. The problems comes when you modify this game especially when replace texture with high quality from the modders.

Yeah that’s right GTA SA is not supported by high resolution texture, original GTA SA just low poly textures games, evenradeon 9200 can handle it very good. When I modified GTA SA with a dozen high resolution textures for vehicles…boom! The environment textures is missing. Ok here’s the screenshot:

It seems GTA SA can’t handle a high resolution textures. To solve this problem just download stream memory fix from

Here’s the direct link


if  direct linking is not allowed, try this link :


update February 8th 2013!

I think the owner change the location of the file, try this location/submenu of

gta san andreas/SA Program/San Andreas Texture Draw Fix / Stream Memory Fix SA Programs


First, extract and copy ” Streammemfix.asi “ from SAStreamMemFix.rar to the root directory of GTA SA. The next step extract and copy “VorbisFile.dll” and “VorbisHook.dll” from AsiLoader.rar to the root directory of GTA SA. Overwrite the files you replaced. Remember please make backup files before you overwrite those files.

Congratulation! Now you can modding and modifying all the vehicles and environment with high quality textures without having problems. If you wanna ask something just leave your comment here.Sorry for my English. Thanks very much to Alexander @ Sannybuilder for this wonderful SAStreamMemFixJ